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Are you concerned about the safety of tradesmen accessing roofs on your property or site?

You need a Safe Roof Access System installed by Gutterclean, Brisbane!

We are not only qualified to install these systems, but we also use them. This means we care what system is installed, and we need to trust that it works!

There is a large range of products being sold as ‘safety’ equipment, but we have seen many of these either installed incorrectly or do not meet the Australian Standards. We have put a lot of time and research into finding the highest quality products that can do what they claim and give us, as installers and users, peace of mind that they are safe, not just for the user but also for any resident, pedestrian or tradesperson that attends that site.

Why Install a Safe Roof Access System?

Did you know in Queensland, most roofs do not comply with strict government regulations of Safety? This means that whenever someone carries out work on a roof, they are in the highest category of risk. Risk of falling, causing serious injury or death. That’s not where it ends. There is significant liability for the owner of any building who allows anyone to work unsafely, especially at height. Since 70% of all work accidents in Australia involve falling from a height, Governments have created strict regulations and enforce harsh penalties, so employing someone to work on your roof should be taken seriously.

Since most roofs are not fitted with a means of securing safety equipment, we currently do our best to work safely by using temporary anchor points to reach the perimeter of a roof where we can carry out the necessary cleaning, inspecting, repairs or installing gutters, flashings and downpipes. But as pressure from insurance companies and stricter OH&S regulations increase, we are encouraging our clients to improve the safety of their buildings.


Installing a SAFE ROOF ACCESS SYSTEM goes a long way to ensuring the safety of any qualified tradesmen using it. So, while someone is working at heights on your roof, they will be totally secured, and their risk of injury eliminated. This, therefore, minimizes the liability of the owner/s.

And you’ll be pleased to know that the setup costs have dropped dramatically in recent years. The high demand from new buildings having to meet the new regulations has meant there is now more competition as new products emerge. These savings can be passed onto you. We are confident that a SAFE ROOF ACCESS SYSTEM is an investment you can afford.
To encourage our customers to consider the installation of such systems, we offer substantial discount options to reward customers who make it safe for us to carry out our work. 


An anchor point allows the user to be connected to the roof structure. Many of the products on offer are highly expensive and dramatically affect the appearance of the building.

We use SafetyLink’s height safety product range of roof anchors, static line systems, and ladder systems. The anchors are very discreet and have the amazing ability to absorb most of the energy involved in a fall, reducing the risk of injury to the user and minimizing damage to the roof structure.

These anchors are engineered to withstand 21kN. This is an Australian standard that some other products fail to meet. (AS/NZS1891.4 standard) Another important feature is these anchors can be used in all 360 degrees, so we do not have to install excessive numbers of anchors to make your roof safe.

What if you don’t need a complete system at present?

We can also assist with installing individual anchor points or stagger a system install over a period of time until the building meets OH&S guidelines.


A ladder bracket is a vital safety feature of any system. It allows the user to access the roof from a ladder while minimizing the risk of the ladder ‘slip’, providing a stable entry/exit point to the roof. It also gives the tradesman a definite access point, setting them on the right ‘path’ to use the system correctly. It also prevents ladder damage to your gutters.

These Safety Link ladder brackets are made from marine-grade Aluminium and can be painted to suit your roof colour, which means, like the rest of the system, they are discreet. They do not ruin the look of your roof.


What do you get?


Every Safe Roof Access System installed by Gutterclean in Queensland is issued with a Certificate of Compliance.
Australian and New Zealand standards require a Safe Roof Access System to be inspected annually, so we offer a free reminder service when this is required. Most of our existing clients are happy to have this done by us while we are on-site to service the roof and gutters since our tradesmen are qualified to certify.
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(NOTE- Wet weather can prevent our tradesmen from accessing dangerous roofs. Also, please notify us if an induction is required to access a site)

At the completion of the job, we will completely clean up any mess created and remove any accumulated debris from site.  Our service also includes:


Any work carried out on Roofs in Queensland must comply with State Safety Laws.

Here at Gutterclean we make safety our priority, which means:

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