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Should I install gutter mesh or leaf guard?

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Many of our customers want to know if they should install a gutter mesh product?

While we prefer regular cleaning over mesh, the quick answer is... it depends. Depends on what?

Asking our team for advice is the best way, but please see our 'pros and cons' list below.

There are 3 main issues:

1. Cost (see pros and cons list below)

2. Trees - the types of trees surrounding your home. Small leaves and pine needles can still enter the gutter through some products. We often have to remove mesh products which have allowed debris underneath, and the gutters have blocked.

3. Quality of the product, many products fail.

What are the 'Pros' and 'Cons' of installing a product on my gutters?


- Good quality metal gutter guard or gutter mesh can be effective in keeping most debris out of your gutters and down pipes, which reduces the amount of cleaning required.

- Good quality mesh can prevent debris getting into the down pipes and storm water pipes.

- Good quality mesh can prevent animals such as possums and pigeons nesting on your roof.


- Gutter mesh still needs regular cleaning

- Cost... good quality products cost money and need to be installed correctly.

- Quality... many of the products available are poor quality and do not last in the hot Australian climate. Harsh UV rays from the sun damage most plastic mesh products, and they breakdown within a few years. Many installers do not install the products effectively.

- Cheap or poor quality mesh often needs to be removed for cleaning, which adds labour costs later on. Poorly designed products can actually trap debris and water in the gutter.

Products we DO NOT RECOMMEND installing:

- Any plastic or poly products (unless these will used in a situation that requires numerous removal and re-installations for cleaning)

- Foam products

- brush style products (with the exception of use as down pipe guards, for easier removal when cleaning)

- metal mesh products with large openings, which still allow many types of debris through into the gutter.


- please talk to our team about products that we currently recommend. We can then take into consideration the types of trees surrounding your property and your budget.

Can we install mesh on your property?

Yes, please contact us for a quote.

While we prioritize cleaning over mesh, some roofs need such regular cleaning, that a gutter mesh product is required.

Unlike many companies, we don't just install the product and leave. Because we continue to service your property, we know which product will work best for your roof's specific needs.

Continued servicing can be easily organized for you. We are happy to supply you with quotations or programmed maintenance ideas that will save you time and money.

Type of Properties we service:

* Single storey to Multi Storey units

* Homes of all shapes and sizes

* Commercial Properties, small and large complexes

* Hospitals

* Government Buildings

* Hotels

* University Campuses

* Shops

Contact & Quote

To contact us:

1 -simply fill in the online Request A Quote form

2 - give us a call on 0439 568 928.

One of our qualified tradesmen will meet you onsite where they can provide you with a quote or advice if needed. Or, many of our clients are happy for us to visit the site and call them to discuss the work to be carried out.

The Job

How to make it happen:

1 - Approve our quote ( Large jobs may require a deposit)

2 - Send us a written work order

3 - We carry out the work in the time agreed.

(NOTE- Wet weather can prevent our tradesmen from accessing dangerous roofs. Also, please notify us if an induction is required to access a site)

At the completion of the job we will completely cleanup any mess created and remove any accumulated debris from site.  Our service also includes:

  • Work Method Statements and Risk Assessments on each visit to each site.
  • Minor roof repairs
  • Advice
  • Itemised roof and gutter condition report upon completion.
  • Free reminder service.

Invoicing & Payment

Invoices can include the following information if you request it:

* Report outlining any noticeable damage to the roof or gutters

* Digital Photos ( ONLY IF REQUIRED)

* Recommendation of cleaning frequency and schedule for individual properties

Payments can be made by:

* Cash

* Cheque

* Internet transfer ( bank details shown on all invoicing)

Reminder Service

Want to be reminded?

When we have completed the work, if a cleaning schedule is recommended, we will organize a FREE reminder to be sent to you one week prior to the next cleaning date


commercial gutter cleaningAny work carried out on Roofs in Queensland must comply with State Safety Laws.

Here at Gutterclean we make safety our priority, which means:

* All tradesmen are OH&S compliant

* Anyone visiting your site, even if it's for a quote has received Workcover induction and Safe Working at Heights Training and Certification.

* Our tradesmen are trained, equipped and carry out safety checks on their necessary Personal Protective Equipment needed to complete any job.

* We can supply you with Certificates of Currency for necessary Insurances such as Public Liability.

* We can supply any other needed information such as our Safety Policy and procedures etc.


Areas we service:

  • Brisbane City, Inner-City and River Suburbs
  • Brisbane South
  • Brisbane North
  • Bay areas
  • Logan City Suburbs

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